Mesa Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, Mesa, Ariz.

Sheet Metal Contractor: J.B. Rodgers Mechanical Contractors Inc./KINETICS, Phoenix, Ariz.
The crew of J.B. Rodgers Mechanical Contractors/KINETICS recently installed a 420,000 cubic-foot-per-minute, seven scrubber system in the Mesa Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS) complex in Mesa, Ariz. The new system will remove acid and ammonia exhaust from a clean room.

During the project, which began in July 2000, sheet metal workers, pipefitters and ironworkers retrofitted the scrubbers into an existing exhaust handling system. As part of the effort, Motorola provided 1,240 linear feet of acid duct, which was assembled onsite in major sections, then transported to a crane and lifted to the roof of the complex. The installation features an expansive array of ductwork, supports, scrubbers and industrial waste handling systems.

During the first of three phases, the KINETICS team installed an industrial waste network below the scrubbers. This portion of the system will transport overflow drainage from the scrubbers into the existing industrial waste system. During phase two, the acid and ammonia roof supports and ductwork were installed on the roofs of four Motorola modular manufacturing areas.

The work was a joint effort of the sheet metal workers and ironworkers. Just as impressive, the work was completed with the use of a 300-ton Link-Belt crane. Extensive structural supports were erected so the acid exhaust could be conveyed from the factory area via four existing stacks, which were connected to the new exhaust system. The ammonia system will be connected to the ammonia ductwork system with penetrations and connections installed to the sub-fab at a later date.

Reprinted courtesy of J.B. Rodgers Mechanical Contractors Inc./KINETICS Inc.