Vulcan Material Corporation, McCook, Ill.

Sheet Metal Contractor: TAL-MAR Custom Metal Fabricators Inc., Crestwood, Ill.

acfceceWith a strong warning from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) facing their client, the crew at TAL-MAR had to work quickly to fabricate and install the dampers and quench tanks for the air scrubbers at the Vulcan Material plant.acfced2

“The installation of the dampers on the 100-foot stack required the use of both a 40-ton and a 200-ton crane,” explained Jim Cesak, of TAL-MAR. “In two days, our crew installed two ¼-inch plate dampers that measured 78 inches in diameter and mounted the rectangular duct to the stack. The rectangular tee was welded onsite to the 6-foot 6-inch stack.”

acfced6While bolting down a locking angle to secure the damper blade open, TAL-MAR crew members use the required safety equipment.

The upper stack is secured into
place using Grade 5 bolts, nuts and washers as well as high heat caulk. The two cranes operated in close proximity throughout the installation.