Waste Treatment Vessel, Joliet, Ill.

Contractor: TAL-MAR Custom Metal Fabricators, Crestwood, Ill.
Assisting their client in saving an existing piece of equipment and realizing a substantial cost savings was the primary objective for the team at TAL-MAR Custom Metal Fabricators.

The crew coordinated the refurbishing of a 39,000-lb. waste treatment vessel including its design, engineering, fabrication and installion. In addition, TAL-MAR coordinated all the transportation logistics for the project which included removal and shipping the vessel through three states to the sheet metal shop and returning it to the customer’s facility for final installation.

“We were able to offer the customer a cost savings by refurbishing their item,” explained Mike McGrail, of TAL-MAR. “Rather than spending more for a new item, we achieved the same result.”